Painting the Spectrum 14

Painting the Spectrum is the Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination’s (SASOD Guyana) LGBTQ+ film festival in Georgetown, Guyana. Painting the Spectrum has been running as a community event for the past 13 years, showing both short and feature films.

Poster Painting the Spectrum

Check out the schedule for Painting the Spectrum 14 here: 

Week 1 (September 4th, September 6th): WHAT IS GENDER, ANYWAY? 

Focusing on trans persons, these films explore people’s relation to gender- whether they are transitioning, they identify outside the gender binary or simply question their preconceived ideas about what gender means.

Week 2 (September 11th, September 14th): LOVE, SEX AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN

These films explore love stories from the LGBT community, break-ups, challenges and sexual exploration.

Week 3 (September 18th, September 20th) : OUR RIGHTS, OUR CULTURE, OUR HISTORY

Rights aren’t always achieved through lobbying and advocacy. Whether it is fighting for rights through music, vlogs or carnival costumes, recounting histories of violent oppression or (quite literally) “messing around” with cardboard politicians, these movies celebrate queer culture and show that, whether willingly or not, queerness can immediately become political.

Week 4 (September 25th, September 27th): LET’S EXPERIMENT

Pushing the limits of cinema, society and sexuality, these shorts are visually compelling, thought-provoking, and, at times, radically sexual.


Location for screenings:

SASOD Office, 203 Duncan Street, Lamaha Gardens, Georgetown, Guyana. Admission is free. Location accessible to persons with physical disabilities.

Screenings take place every Tuesday and Thursday of September, at 6 PM.