Week 2: Love, Sex and Everything in Between

These films explore love stories from the LGBT community, break-ups, challenges and sexual exploration.

Week 2 Poster

Tuesday, September 11th, 6 PM: Play the Devil

SASOD Office (203 Duncan Street, Lamaha Gardens)

(Trinidad and Tobago), 89’ | Dir: Maria Govan

Set against the backdrop of Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival, a gifted and struggling young man becomes the object of intrigue for an older, well-meaning businessman until their worlds collide.

Winner of the Jury Award at the KASHISH Mumbai Queer Film Festival; Winner of the Best Female Director award at the Woodstock film festival; Winner of the Special Jury Prize for Best Screenplay at the Nashville Film Festival.




Thursday, September 13th, 6 PM: Love, Sex and Everything in Between


SASOD Office (203 Duncan Street, Lamaha Gardens)

Car Park Blues (Thailand) 1′ | Dir: Khomthong Rungsawang

Ex-lovers, a parking lot, and 60 seconds that reveal months of change.

Resolutions (UK), 6’ | Dir: Heidi Jones

After failed new years eve celebrations, two very different women find common ground.

Two of Every Kind (Israel), 7’ | Dir: Efrat Chen Weiss

Two of every kind, two of every living thing, went inside Noah’s ark in order to save themselves. Not many know but amongst the couples were also two gay peacocks.

Every Once in a While When I Die I Cry (Brazil), 15’ | Dir:  R.B. Lima

“There was once a woman, Maria Laura, who used to come here to bang. One night, after a party, she came here with two guys. So, the day after, a bricklayer found her dead in a puddle of blood.”

After the Mass (Russia), 13’ | Dir: Sofia Afinogenova

Oleg is a religious person trying to become godfather for a girl he adopted. However the priest, Father Philipp, knowing that Oleg is gay, refuses to baptize her.

The Politics of Choice and the Possibility of Leaving (South Africa), 15’ | Dir: Megan-Leigh Heilig

“The film documents the days before I left South Africa to come to Belgium. It explores the choices or lack of choice one has to remain or leave a place. My partner is from Namibia. Her South African visa will expire in less than 6 months and she will be forced to return to Namibia, where homosexuality is illegal.”

Too Soon, Too Late (Poland), 12’ | Dir: Agata Urban

A group of homophobic people intersects with a gay hookup.

Into the Rainbow (Iran), 15’ | Dir: Hasan Najmabadi

Two lesbian girls who want to escape smuggled from Iran.

Mom’s the Word (Canada), 4’ | Dir: Joffre Silva

A mother, a son and a long amusing talk about a cock ring.

The Eggplant (UK), 3’ | Dir: Gsus Lopez

Tired of not finding a boyfriend; a girlfriend asks another to be a witness of her Tinder date via Skype.

RIVALS (Germany), 4’ | Dir: Alexander Lony

Mandame and Monsieur are back. The RIVALS are courting and quarreling.

Total: 95 minutes, 11 shorts