Week 1: What is Gender, Anyway?

Focusing on trans persons, these films explore people’s relation to gender- whether they are transitioning, they identify outside the gender binary or simply question their preconceived ideas about what gender means.


Week 1 Poster

Tuesday, September 4th, 6 PM: OPENING NIGHT

SASOD Office (203 Duncan Street, Lamaha Gardens)

SASOD is 15!

Short video about SASOD’s work, including footage from workshops, interviews with clients and partners.

Opening Night Panel

A diverse panel of key stakeholders will react to the screening launch of SASOD’s 15th anniversary documentary and reflect on the state of this Guyanese movement: where we’ve come from, where we are and where we’re going.

Bixa Travesty (Brazil), 75’

Dir:  Kiko Goifman, Claudia Priscilla

A documentary that follows Mc Linn Da Quebrada, a black trans woman, performer and activist living in impoverished São Paulo. Her electrifying performances (with plenty of nudity) brazenly take on Brazil’s hetero-normative machismo.

The film was presented at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2018, won the Best Documentary award at the Milan International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and the Special Jury Award at the Toronto Inside Out Film Festival.



Thursday, September 6th, 6 PM: What is Gender, Anyway?

SASOD Office (203 Duncan Street, Lamaha Gardens)


Please Mind the Gap (India) 20’ | Dir:  Mitali Tridevi, Gagandeep Singh

Challenging the gender binary in the New Delhi metro.

For a Change (Israel), 4’ | Dir: Keren Nir

Animated documentary based on the story of Ofer, a transgender man struggling with his developing body.

About a Butterfly and Its Cocoon (Brazil), 14’ | Dir: R.B. Lima

When I was born they dressed me in blue and said I was a boy. Then they wet my head and said I was a Christian.

How was your Day? (Germany), 4’ | Dir: Tal Iungman

An autobiographical animation that presents life as a gender queer person.

Femenino (Mexico), 11’ | Dir: Andrés Milonás

A young man deals with his true feelings about gender.

Menine (Brazil), 14’ | Dir: Rafael Caldo

Leonardo is a boy who doesn´t identify as such. In a conservative and prejudiced society, all he wishes to be is himself.

Crystal Nights of Lust (Spain), 4’ | Dir: Cristina García Zarzosa

A man falls in love with the transgender version of himself. A gender study through the myth of Narcissus.

Not Acceptable (Iran), 2’ | Dir: Saman Haghighivand

A dream world of a young transgender person gets distracted by family pressure and finally leads to rejection by the family.

Fuck the Boxes (UK), 10’ | Dir: Abel Rubinstein

Fuck The Boxes follows a gay 20-year-old student Dan and his best friend Ray. But what does being gay mean if gender is not binary?

Something about Alex (Netherlands), 18’ | Dir: Reinout Hellenthal

Alex, a troubled and isolated teenager, finds a true friend in Hendrik, his sister’s boyfriend. When Hendrik and Annelies announce their plans to leave the family home, Alex must face what is troubling him.

Total: 100 minutes, 10 shorts